Sunday, September 11, 2011

Morales vs Cano Fight - Video, Analysis and More

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living legend Erik Morales will fight Pablo Cesar Cano, an unbeaten 21-year-old fellow Mexican. Video of the fight will be shown on September 17 “Star Power” show. “El Terrible” supposed bout with Argentine slugger Lucas Mattyhsse was cancelled after the latter pulled out of the ue to a virus. Cano will be the replacement opponent for the vacant WBC 140-pound belt.

Cano last fought in June and reportedly is in shape, say Golden Boy. Cano said “just bring him on,” when the fight with Morales was offered to him. The young fighter never fought the caliber of the likes of Morales and this will be his first time to fight outside of Mexico.

The question will be how he can handle the pressure performing in front of a large crowd. Now, with Golden Boy having done their best to find a short notice late replacement, Morales can focus his attention towards the 22-0-1(17) contender from Mexico City.

Perez is confident that his ward has all the tools to defeat Morales. Having twice trained Barrera to beat Morales, and also having worked with Marcos Maidana in his recent win over the 35-year-old great, Perez feels he will be able to come up with the perfect game-plan for his young fighter after reviewing video of Morales' fights. But it goes without saying how Cano is no Barrera or Maidana.

Maybe Cano, with his advantages in acceleration and reflexes, will be able to cull off an absolute agitated abutting week; possibly catastrophe the career of a fable in the process? It could happen. And Golden Boy accept at atomic appear up with a adolescent and best fighter for Morales. Given the abbreviate amplitude of time in which they had to work, the promoters could’ve done a lot worse.

Cano is realistically in a no-lose position. If he loses the action but acquits himself well, he will get due acclaim and be able to appear afresh at age 21, while if he wins, he hit’s the jackpot. Not alive abundant of annihilation about the fighter accepted as “El Demoledor,” it’s boxy to accomplish any affectionate of authentic pre-fight prediction. I accept to go with Morales, seeing as how he has every advantage afar from youth.

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