Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cotto vs Mayorga Fight Video

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Watch the exciting fight between Miguel Cotto and Ricardo Mayorga below.

Cotto and Mayorga face off against each other at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Both fighters lost two out of their last five fights. Cotto lost by brutal knockouts in the hands of pound for pound king Manny Pacquiao and the tornado from Tijuana in Antonio Margarito.

Mayorga also lost getting knocked out by Oscar dela Hoya and Shane Mosley. So these two fighters have a lot in common. They lost to topnotch fighters and they lost in brutal fashions. Fight fans around the world will see which of them will rise despite the aforementioned setbacks. Whoever wins this fight will prove that he's still got it and deserves to be there among the world's top pugilists. God knows what's in store for whoever loses.

In a recent interview Don King said "It think it's a very exciting fight, something explosive, because Mayorga and Cotto, they create excitement, Mayorga's only real opponent has been himself. But he's a very talented guy and he creates excitement. People want to know: Which Mayorga will they see? He's on the comeback trail, but he's still loco, still crazy, still the crazy man."

Cotto and Mayorga have only one common opponent - the Great Sugar Shane Mosley. As anyone who follows boxing knows, common opponents between fighters are not very reliable in indicating the outcome of a certain fight. We all know that. Still it's worth pointing out that Cotto won against Mosley via unanimous decision while Mayorga got knocked out in the final round by Mosley. Both fights were very competitive so it's very interesting to know how Cotto and Mayorga will fare against each other come fight night.

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